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BlackFrost reveal new team logo


Since 25 season the team formerly known as Butchers is enlightening the city of Munich. Although during this time span no championship could be celebrated, the team is looking back to strong performances and regular playoff visits. The team is in a solid 4th place in the all-time standing just 28 points behind 3rd place team Toronto Hitman and 38 points behind the second place Rosemere Titans.

Now the team management decided it is about time to take the next step. To support this the logo has been reworked. The old logo is a bit outdated and old-school with only few emotional spirit. There was a survey amongst fans about the old logo and what should be the new logo. One outcome of this survey was to keep the colors as they are big part of the history of this team. A logo change was supported by 77% of the fan base. It should be more emotional, more aggressive, with a sense of humor and clear relation to hockey.

The general manager could win star designer HerrKlug (www.herrklug.de) which create several possible logos. The 10 biggest fan supporter clubs of the Munich BlackFrost could choose during an elite presentation at the hotel Bayerischer Hof from several different logo designs. HerrKlug presented by himself each of the logos with very entertaining stories behind the logo.

Today, one day before the game against the Worcester Great Whites, the long-awaited logo of the city's first major-league team was revealed during a public ceremony at the BMW world in Munich.  

During this historic event, BlackFrost GM Stephan Finkel shared comments about the excitement of presenting the new logo. "We want our team to be known for dedication, emotion, strength, speed and a commitment to never give up - both on the ice and off," said Finkel. "We want our team to be committed to teamwork, always giving the power and emotion for ist world class fans.”

The BlackFrost new team jerseys, apparel and gear is now available online at shop.uhl.com and at the UHL powered by Puma flagship store in Buffalo.